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It's three days until Christmas, and everything in Santa's workshop is moving along exactly as planned. Suddenly, disaster strikes in the form of an alarm that sounds every time a child says the words "I don't believe in Santa." And what's worse, it was said by the children who helped save Christmas last year. Devastated by this new development, Santa contemplates hanging up his Santa hat and retiring for good. Elvis, Santa's right hand elf along with his trusty assistant, Twizzle, make one last ditch effort to save the day. They send the only available elf they can find out what happened. As the elf (who must be named by the audience every show) discovers the children's beloved toys packed away in an attic, he reaches the fateful conclusion that the children must have have grown up and ultimately outgrown their toys as all children eventually do. All seems lost, but suddenly our hero elf comes up with a plan: if he can bring the toys back to the North Pole with him, they can be cleaned up and gifted to other children who will love them like new this Christmas, and it will remind Santa just how important he is to children all over the world. 

Cast Size - 7 (4 women, 3 men)


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