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Princess Eloise, a free-spirited and independent princess has defiantly refused to find herself a prince. Her desperate and unwavering mother, Queen Helene, has decided she cannot wait any longer and takes it upon herself to find her daughter a husband. Enter "Prince" Neville with his mother, Desiree, and sister, Havalena. While they claim to be royalty from a distant kingdom, they are, in reality, a family of vile grifters intent on scamming Queen Helene for their own benefit. Princess Eloise is understandably upset by her mother's meddling and retreats to the castle courtyard to escape the madness. It is here where she meets Wesley, a kind and caring frog who lives in the fountain. It doesn't take long for Eloise to discover that, in spite of being a frog, Wesley is exactly the kind of person she wants to be with. But none of this matters as, upon returning to the castle, Eloise is presented with an ultimatum: marry Prince Neville or else abdicate her rightful place in the kingdom. Eloise reluctantly agrees to marry Neville, but secretly plans to escape the kingdom as soon as the wedding ceremony is finished. She returns to the fountain to bid Wesley a farewell and kisses him goodbye. It is this kiss that transforms Wesley into a handsome prince; the prince Eloise has been searching for her whole life.   

Cast Size - 7 (4 women, 3 men)


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