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Santa Story


We all know who Santa is, but where did he come from? Why does he wear read? Why does he ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer? Can he really deliver millions of toys in one night? This exciting and hilarious new show answers all of those questions and more as we explore just how it happened that Chris Kringle became Santa Claus. Winter has long been controlled by the menacing Jackie Frost. She likes the cold and gloom that comes with the winter months, and she intends to keep it that way. But when she hears of a young toymaker who is threatening to spread joy during her favorite time of year, she will stop at nothing to ice out his plans. Ever the schemer, Jackie befriends the naive Chris Kringle and gives him nothing but bad advice that is sure to backfire. But when the ambitious Kringle is put to the test on his first Christmas Eve flight, he proves that nothing can stop the magic of Christmas.    

Cast Size - 5 (3 women, 2 men)


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