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Inspired by pop groups of the early 2000s, here is the story of three teenage witch sisters on their quest to super stardom. Sisters Malice, Avarice, and Spite are on the verge of becoming the first group of witches to become pop stars, but something is not right. While the group is built on an image of the fun and excitement of wickedness, Spite has no desire to be a traditional bad witch. With the help of her new friend Alister, she admits that she has always secretly wanted to be a good witch. This news does not sit well with their manager, Nefarious, who's plan was to exploit the sisters and their popularity for his own gain. Refusing to accept defeat, Nefarious will stop at nothing to get his way, even if it means placing a spell on young Spite. But just as he is on the edge of victory, Nefarious learns that nothing is more powerful than the love and support of a family, especially a family of witches.   

Cast Size - 6 (4 women, 2 men)
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