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Queen Hekuba is obsessed with being the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom, but when her magic mirror informs her that she has been surpassed by her stepdaughter, Snow White, she is consumed with jealousy. She demands her trusty Huntsman take Snow White deep into the forest and abandon her. Little does Queen Hekuba know, Huntsman secretly loves Snow White and would never do anything to harm her. Snow White agrees to camp out in the forest while Huntsman returns to the kingdom to make sure the coast is clear. Thinking she is alone, Snow White befriends four dwarfs (who insist on counting themselves as seven) who do "whatever they want." When Queen Hekuba learns that Huntsman has defied her orders, she takes matters into her own hands and conjures a spell to take care of Snow White herself. Turning herself into an ugly old apple-seller, Hekuba poisons Snow White before returning to the kingdom. Little does she know Huntsman has stolen her book of magic spells so she is unable to transform herself back to a beautiful Queen. When Huntsman returns to the forest, he finds Snow White asleep under Hekuba's spell. Together with the dwarfs, Snow White and Huntsman return to the kingdom and use the Queen's spell book to offer Queen Hekuba an ultimatum: take the book and leave the kingdom forever or live the rest of her days as the ugly old woman she is.    

Cast Size - 8 (5 women, 3 men)


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